Biomass Generating Project


The preservation of the global environment and energy business are closely related each other. In particular, regarding the power supply, the issues relating to conventional thermal power generation and nuclear power generation are soseriousthat establishing a new power supply system is pressing in terms of the preservation of the environment.

“New energies” such as solar power, geothermal power and wind turbine power are greatly expected, though, it will take more time until these new energies replace conventional thermal power and nuclear power.

In the meantime, “biomass generating system,” which Future Energy Corporation successfully developed for the first time ever in Japan, was created based on the epoch-making idea of generating power from food reside as its resources.

This power generating systemleads to the compliance with Food Recycling Law, which was recently enacted in the background of the shortage of landfill and the dioxin issue. From these factors, “biomass generating system” is now receiving attention due to the fact that it is aprospective system which helps solve various issues the earth as a whole faces.


Phases 2 and 3 will be done by a small-sized onsite biomass generating equipment which Future Energy Corporation originally developed.

As a good example demonstrating this system effectively, we are currentlypromoting a large-sized biomass plant (the electricity generating field center).

Products Information

Water jet food residue shredder (kitchen shredder)

This is the epoch-making shredding equipment developed through the improvement of the drawback of the conventional industrial shredder.

Small-sized onsite biomass generating device

Taking advantage of its small size, it can be installed onsite and generate power.