Circulation System Project


By utilizing Future Energy Corporation’s unrivaled technologies including the biomass generating system and the three-dimensional inter-connection integrated storage battery system, we will develop a new energy circulation system across Japan as well as the world. To explain further, we will actively respond to the society’s needs as a total environment consultant company, offering a knowhow such as how to utilize unused land as a space for a power plant and so on, based on energy supply

Electricity Field Center

The Electricity Field Center is a new type of factory whose electricity cost is zero, combined with biomass power generating technology and a plant factory.

By supplying power generated by using agricultural wastes from a plant factory, food residue from neighboringfood factories as well as commercial facilities, and its heat emission and CO2 directly to a plant factory, a new type of plant factory will emerge which can run 24 hours around the year at free of cost. This will be unprecedented.

By utilizing this system, we will be able to realize an unprecedented farming, making farming possible in cold places as well as in the desert.

It is also considered that it will contribute significantly to improving both food self-sufficiency rate in Japan and reducing greenhouse gas effect.

The main features

  1. Buildinga plant factory at no energy cost
  2. Utilizing a biomass in-house power generating system
  3. Utilizing a private power supply system for highly-concentrated carbon dioxide