Energy Storage System Project


To consume the energy which is generated, the method of offering such power must be established at the site where such power is consumed.

As a conventional method, the electricity is offered through a grid from power companies. However, considering that if enough power is not delivered due to the leakage during the power supply, or if the infrastructure fails to deliver power due to the impact of a disaster, it is understandable that we should shift an on grid system to an off grid system and we need to establish a more solid system of delivering power accessible to everybody. This is very important.


Three-dimensional inter-connection integrated storage battery

The three-dimensional inter-connection integrated storage battery, whose patent is owned by iCel emc, is an epoch-making energy storage system. Future Energy Corporation and iCel emc will proactively collaborate in the production and sales of integrated storage battery with low cost and good quality, utilizing our technologies.

Overview of the system

Electrode is constituted by a plate,not a line and the load between the integrated storage battery is always averaged. This is a successful technology developed by Future Energy Corporation.Whereas with a lithium-ion battery,it can minimizethe heat from a large capacity and built a large-capacity storage battery , long integrated rechargeable battery safe and cycle life can now be manufactured .
For instance, removing the portion of the integrated storage batteries, instantly the load of the integrated storage battery is averaged and therefore the safety is maintained. So, like propane gas, it is always removable so that it can be carried to another place and used any time. Therefore, an environment for using generated power is made possible.