Message from the President

We aim to be a corporation that will contribute to preserve the global environment toward the future, by developing and offering an environmentally friendly and innovative energy supply system.

We named our company“Future Energy Corporation”considering the above concept.

We are the first company in Japan which successfully developed a technology, what is called “biomass generation” by using only food residue as its resource for generation.

This method is that after shredding food residue by using our food residue shredder developed by our originaltechnology, the shredded food residue is fermented by bacteria to produce methane gas. Then methane gas is used as resources to generate electricity by generators such as a gas electricity generator. This is an epoch-making system which enabled us to develop this “biomass electricity generating system”which only garbage is used as resources for generating electricity.

At the next stage, we will challenge a new businessto produce and distribute an innovative system called “three-dimensional inter-connection integrated storage battery”by utilizing sustainable energies including solar power, geothermal power and wind turbine power generators.

Further, regarding “U.S. Forces, Japan Support Project,” wewill strive for the preservation of the global environment by offering environmental friendly design and construction, excellentenergy efficient equipment and device.

We re-recognize that energy business is most closely related field to the preservation of the global environment and we, Energy Future Corporation aims to contribute to the society with responsibility.

President of Future Energy Corporation
Hiroshi Asai

President of Future Energy Corporation Hiroshi Asai