Our Business Principles

Building a “Dramatic Circulation” in energy for a wealthy future

Energy issues are the biggest theme to be addressed to have a secured future life for all the people living on this planet. Under the innovative idea, we developed a new biomass generatingtechnology which transforms garbage into energy. By building “Energy Circulation” utilizing our new technology effectively, we will support people’s life.

We will utilize garbage, which has been thrown away so far, as useful resources for generation. We will create an environment enabling us to carry electricity (which is invisible) around anywhere freely without depending on a grid.

The above idea was taken as complemental energy supply for emergency use at the time of a disaster. However, the realization of this idea supported by our technology will become indispensable part of energy infrastructure, which everyone will commonly be able to utilize.

We will create a dramatic futureunder ideas untrammeled by a conventional wisdom and create a wealthy living based on energy circulation.