Q: What is green power?

A: “Green power” is defined as energy generated from indefinitely available resources and whose generation has zero environmental impacts, whether through reduced emissions or minimal environmental disruption. This is also a system that companies or entities can purchase green power to avoid the environmental impacts.Such resources of energy include solar power, wind turbine power, biomass power, landfill gas, geothermal and solar power, and so on which can be found in the natural environment.

Purchasers of green power not only add value to green power as energy, but also can contribute to reducing the impact of CO2 emissions through green power certificates. Furthermore, green power suppliers can take economic advantagesof consuming green power for themselves and selling it.


I will explain about “Green Power Certificates.”

Natural power generators can sell power to power companies and also sell the environmental value to green power dealers.

Power purchasers buy and use power from power companies and etc. whereas they can buy a green power certificatefrom a dealer and apply it to the environmental benefits it promises.

A dealer issues a green power certificate to power purchasers such as companies, after receiving a certification from a third party certifying that the power through a power companyhas zero impact on the environment.